Who we are

We are a team that loves to CREATE and share the JOY..!!

BuySolarKit.Com is a Solar Community and an Online Storefront providing access to the wide range of Solar Educational Kits, Do-it-Yourself Projects, Solar Toys, Solar Appliances and required Accessories.

We work with companies to develop distribution channels for solar lights, educational and project kits, efficient solar appliances, etc. We also support businesses that have pioneered some of the most innovative mechanisms and distribution strategies for solar home systems and solar kits.

Teaching Kids and Making Solar Community stronger and Ready for the GREEN FUTURE. We Provide the high-quality, reliable Solar Experimental and Educational Kits with detailed instruction manual and at affordable costs.

Kids today can learn about so many different things. We have a way to teach them about solar power. This resource will be their future and will depend on how we take care of it today. Solar power can be anywhere the sun shines and you can feel and see the warmth. Solar power can heat water, heat homes, schools, businesses, and it can produce energy.

Teaching kids today how solar power works and how we can use it wisely will ensure that our future and theirs will be protected. We can't afford to lose that important alternative. In order to save our environment we need to teach the kids how we can all join together in order to save there solar power. In the long run, we benefit by not paying for a resource that is slowly taking away from a natural resource. Our kids will be rewarded for our careful planning.

BuySolarKit.com has a team of dynamic professionals, who have undertaken a deep experience in the field of Solar Energy and it's Conservation. Our team is regularly conducting Solar Training's in schools and Colleges. Promoting the use of Solar Power and building Low Cost, Efficient Solar Devices is our soul motto throughout our journey.

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What we do

Keep it simple and Consistently build better Solar Products

BuySolarKit.com is engaged in the research and development of better solar products and gadgets. As a part of our regular working inside solar community, we have launched this Online Storefront which will deliver you a joyful experience of surfing and understanding Solar Power. We insist on spreading the awareness of solar energy among kids and individuals, so that our community gets a consistently better support.

Solar power is the latest in saving the planet and conserving our energy. Solar power is energy produced from the sun and has great results when you use both energy and conservation. With solar power becoming more popular there is also the need for solar power products. People are now building solar power houses to live in more efficiently. They also want appliances, lighting, heating, water pumps and water heaters to be solar power efficient as well. That is why we now have a way of purchasing solar power appliances to use in the kitchen. BuySolarKit.com has made available a wider catalog for you to choose better Solar Products from  the leading brands all over the world. We are consistently strengthening our distribution network, has already tied up with leading inventories across US, China and India. Most of the Solar products will be directly shipped to you from our warehouse in India. And wherever possible, we will ship it directly from the supplier, so that you will enjoy low costs and reduced shipping / delivery timings.

Appliances Available:

Now you don't have to go through the time and effort of making your home solar power but using regular standard appliances. With solar power appliances it is easy to become solar power all the way.

Appliances that are Efficient: Not all appliances can be solar powered and for that reason appliances that are efficient are the next best thing. They conserve the energy that it takes to run that appliance and provide you with the service that you expect out of that appliance.

When you save energy it benefits everyone. Once we can all use solar power to provide energy we will all see a difference in the cost of energy. Using energy efficient appliances is a great investment that will last for years.

Wanna see proof? Check out our work!